Honda Future Workforce

Manufacturing Day: October 1, 2021

Manufacturing is a vital part of the U.S. economy, but fewer young people are entering manufacturing careers. To reverse this trend, Honda is creating excitement and understanding about manufacturing career opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow!

Virtual Workshops

This year, Honda has created a number of engaging virtual workshops, empowering you and your students to Choose Your Own Path. Click on the thumbnail below to view the workshop of your choice.


Give us your feedback on how to make Manufacturing Day even better next year:

Videos & Games For Students

Come Make Things with Honda
Take a look inside to see some of the high-tech processes we’re using in 21st century manufacturing at Honda!



Virtual Escape Room
Do you want to learn more about manufacturing while locked in a Honda-themed room? If you are up for the challenge, try and solve our clues and puzzles to reveal keys and combinations that will allow you to escape the room in the quickest time possible.