Honda Future Workforce

Continuous Commitment

While Honda has a strong focus on the development of programs for young people preparing to enter the workforce, Honda has a Continuous Commitment to its current workforce.


The automobile is arguably the most complex and technologically sophisticated consumer product in the world and today that technology in powertrains, advanced materials, robotics, computing and telematics systems is evolving and advancing at a very rapid pace. In fact, at Honda we are looking to a future when all of these things converge at a very high level to create new products that none of us can fully imagine today.


As the technologies in our products and in our plants become more complex and cross-functional, we want to make sure that our associates, both current and the next generation, have all the skills they’ll need to be part of this exciting future.


Honda has several training centers throughout the country where associates train on the latest technologies on the plant floor. In our training centers, associates build on the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout their careers. Honda has three training centers in Central Ohio: The Technical Development Center, the Powertrain Technical Development Center and the Manufacturing Training Center.


The Technical Development Center is the spot where Honda advances associate’s skills for high tech manufacturing. Honda conducts associate development classes weekly at its Marysville, Ohio location. Honda trainers educate current associates in classes ranging from robotics and coding, to circuitry and technical maintenance.


Another center, for powertrain, is located at the Anna Engine Plant. The last Ohio center, the Manufacturing Training Center, is focused on vehicle production and is located near the Marysville Auto Plant and East Liberty Plant in Bellefontaine. This is the newest center, and is designed to help operational and equipment maintenance associates gain the expertise necessary for the high-tech machinery utilized in manufacturing settings.


Additionally, Honda reaffirmed its longstanding commitment to advance the skills of its current and future workforce by signing the White House’s Pledge to America’s Workers in January 2020. As part of its pledge, Honda committed to offering expanded job training opportunities for 50,000 workers in the next five years.